Investment Banking Resume: Main Tips You Should Know


Professional banking investment resume is really so significant and serious thing, therefore people who apply for jobs in this sphere usually have lots of questions on how to do it right. Don’t panic, because there are some helpful tips or you to succeed.

Visual Features

The summary shouldn’t be very long for a couple of pages, perfect size is one page. If you have much to tell, just decrease the font size. In the title, the main item is your name that draws attention. Did you know that employer spends only up to 10 seconds to look through your resume? That’s why there must be your name on the top.

Visual Features investment resume

Resume Content

Write your investment banking resume on items. It would be easier for the employer to perceive the information and to highlight the most important one. The main points are Education, Work experience, Skils&Hobbies.

#1 Education. Write about your university or college, where you have graduated and what is your GPA. Don’t worry if it’s not good, you can tell about your major GPA, for instance, so it’s not a problem. If you had some special courses, especially finance or language courses, you should also insert it into the resume. Don’t mention your clubs or something not related to the educational system directly.

Education investment resume

#2 Working experience. Even if you worked not with “serious” companies or clients, necessarily tell about your projects or internships, but if you have huge experience write only about 3 or 4 last ones and concentrate only on the most important information about your practice. It can be any deal or just consulting for companies everything is useful.

Working experience resume

#3 Skills&Hobbies. You can have lots of activities but try to mention only interests that connect with your profession or if you have some success in a particular sphere. Remember, your main goal is to keep the attention and show that you are not the typecast. Especially if your hobbies are in demand communication/technology/language or finance skills. Also, tell about impressive achievements and competitions bank employees are just people, who want to communicate with a really interesting person during a workday.

Skills investment resume

Small Advice

Here are some tips that can help you to understand how the resume should look like.

First of all, it has to be a neat structure of your text: use bullets for 2 lines maximum, don’t write extra information only with a theme and just answer the questions (what/why/when, etc.). it would make the investment banking resume easier to read and make it out.

Secondly, tell only about the positive experience and try to write it in details but in useful details, without extra information.

Also mention the skills that are modern and are in demand nowadays, for example, using investment calculator. Because now everyone can work in Word or Excel, therefore you wouldn’t be a conspicuous candidate.

investment resume

By the way, try to unite all your interests in one point don’t list all your clubs and courses on the common theme, just write that you have “good language skills” etc.  this advice doesn’t spill over some special schools that have some reputation.

The one more tip write only about your real skills and hobbies, don’t makeup that you can speak Chinese or you love to ride a horse, it doesn’t work as in movies you have to be absolutely confident in your resume and be ready to talk about everything you had mentioned. On the interview, they can ask not only about the work side of your resume, so it’s important to be yourself with that experience that you have, even if it’s boring.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t be afraid of writing the investment banking resume, even if you are a beginner you can be hired just tell about your real experience in a structured and not complicated way and be yourself. Good luck!

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